Welcome to Enviro !

Enviro Metals Recyclers Private Limited, Manufacturer of Aluminium Alloy Ingots, Recycling of E–Waste & Plastic Waste and Management of Hazardous & Non–Hazardous Wastes organization is committed to ensure its customers & other interested parties derive value through entrusted partnership, high standards of quality, environmental, health & safety that promotes and directs organization to maintain strong competitive position serving customer markets with quality products, high level of service, and new solutions through process innovation.

ENVIRO Processes:

• To Manufacture Aluminum Ingots from Aluminum Scrap
• Segregation in to Non Ferrous Metals / Iron / Plastic / Glass and Rubber from E-Waste
• Recovery of Precious Metals from E-Waste
• To Recover Copper from Copper Wire
• To Recover Copper from Printed Circuit Boards
• Recycling of Plastic scrap